You, too, can sing & play!



"Kaye" teaches private voice, performance skills, music theory, sight reading, and beginning piano at her in-home studio in the heart of Kingsland, Texas. 


"Kaye" performs for banquets, private parties, church gatherings, retirement parties, in restaurants, dinner clubs, coffee shops, schools, backyards, community centers, parks . . . just wherever people gather.


"Kaye's" repertoire is made up of American Jazz Standards, Big Band Favorites, Pop, Broadway Showtunes, Southern Gospel, and Country favorites. 


"I can honestly say that music was very likely my first ‘true love’. There has seldom been a day that music in some form has not been a part of my life. It has filled many voids along life’s highway. Whether I’m happy or sad, music is the vehicle to express my feelings, lighten burdens, and just make the day go better. It is the way I celebrate, has often been my escape, is my therapy, keeps me young, and, well . . . it’s just plain fun!!!


After relocating to Kingsland from Austin in March of 2009, I began to entertain the idea of following my heart’s desire to share my passion for music . . . and my training, and experiences with others. My years of musical experience have prepared me to teach the popular Speech Level Singing method . . . which is as easy as speaking . . . music theory, sight-reading, piano, and live performance skills to help others fulfill their goals and dreams.


I teach students from 9 to 99 . . . those who want to discover or improve their voice . . . for the sheer pleasure of singing . . . to entertain friends and family . . . to praise God in church . . . or who aspire to sing professionally.


I have found that no one is too young or too old to learn to sing and it gives me great joy to help them find or improve their voice, musical skills, and presentation. Most of all, I love seeing and hearing my students as they realize that they do indeed have ‘talent’."


 The voice is a musical instrument

that can be trained!


* Singing and playing the piano gives freedom to express yourself.

* Singing and playing the piano is FUN!

* Music lessons build self-confidence.

* Music promotes good physical and emotional health.

* Singing and playing music relieves stress!

* Singing and playing music is a heightened form of communication.

* Singing and playing the piano creates opportunities to meet new friends!

* Music training keeps the mind young and sharp.

* Most people have a secret (or not so secret) desire to be musical.


ANYONE can learn to sing!

 “It is safe to say that the potential for great singing

Slumbers in us all. Every healthy individual is given a

Pair of lungs and vocal cords, learns to speak and is taught

a few songs in early childhood. The difference between

the many who sing and the one who becomes a singer is

as mysterious as the phenomenon of individuality itself.

Everyone can sing; but the singer MUST sing.”

-Elizabeth Parcells



           “It is safe to say that the potential for great singing

slumbers in  us all. Every healthy individual is given a pair

of lungs and vocal  cords, learns to speak and is taught a

few songs